~ Wish ~

I hold on to the good I see in people, to the special feelings and ideas that I find in them… I keep holding on even when some consider that I should have let it go many time before…

I wish someone would hold on to me with the same strength that I do…


~ Music and I ~

Mulți ani am fost destul de ”dependentă” de muzică. Aveam, în aproape orice moment, nevoia să ascult ceva care să se potrivească binișor cu stările mele…

De ceva timp observ însă ceva ciudat la mine – am o dispoziție atât de incertă (pentru că..na…things happened, things changed) încât parcă nicio melodie nu e ”the right one”… Așa cum am făcut „pace cu demonii” mei, așa am făcut pace și cu liniștea, se pare…

E de bine? E de rău? Habar nu am! Until I figure it out, let’s:

~ Me, myself, my heart and I ~

I’ve realized that I have always stayed true to my heart.

There have always been moments when I could have done something that my heart would not agree on, there are and there will always be, probably…But I have never accepted to do something I didn’t really want to, I have never been with someone I didn’t really like.

I don’t know if this is such a big deal, but now that I think about it, I’m pretty proud of myself!

who cares

I don’t even know if this is good, so I can’t advice you, guys, to do the same…But I hope I will always stay true to my heart. And to my mind.